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Effective communication is your priority. We offer excellence in financial proofreading to non-native English speakers, at a cost-effective price. Our professional team of proofreaders consists of post-graduate native English speakers with a broad range of experience at financial institutions in the UK, US, Australia and worldwide.

We proofread and edit a wide range of papers:
  • Journal papers
  • PhD theses
  • Master´s theses
  • Undergraduate and post graduate term papers
  • Books or individual chapters
Why us? We are the only company that specializes in proofreading financial papers for non-native English speakers. We offer a dynamic service - adaptable to your needs. Our clients receive prompt clarification about any questions they have concerning our work.

For further information about what you can expect from our service please visit our about us page.

To find out how we can improve work please visit our free sample page.

We do a lot more than most proofreaders, but our prices are the same. Click here for to find out about pricing and payment.

For all submissions and enquiries please contact our friendly staff at submissions@financeproofreading.com

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